The Blessing in Disguise

The following devotional is one that I wrote for my church, it isn't as good as the two my wife wrote, but I trust you will be blessed reading through it. Bible Reading:1 Peter 1:6-12 We will continue our journey today in the first chapter of 1 Peter, where he exhorts his audience to be... Continue Reading →

Recipe For A Worry-Free Heart: Part 2

Recipe for a worry-free heart: Part 2 WHO?  Who are we asking to release us from our anxiety? Our Good Good Father. Harrison can tell you how passionate I am about promoting God’s compassion and desire to please us as his beloved children. He genuinely wants us to not only seek him out and to... Continue Reading →

My Review of Coco

Leading Up To Watching It The build-up for me watching Coco began while it was in the cinemas. I kept begging my wife to go and see it with me, particularly because Disney is our thing. Then when I saw it was getting good reviews, my begging only became more persistent, and more annoying. Yet,... Continue Reading →


So, as you may have noticed, I write about a whole heap of random stuff on my blog. Today’s blog will be of no exception. Me and my best mate Ben (aka Penglazed), have always wanted to participate in some sort of gaming tournament, not necessarily big, just an official online tournament. First we wanted... Continue Reading →

Life Goes On

Nearly a week ago, I decided it was time to give up some things in life so that I can get myself right with God again. That ‘thing’ was video games. Video games were taking up far too much time in my life, to the point of obsession. Since going off it, despite being tempted... Continue Reading →

‘Introducing Me’

Hello all. My name is Harrison, I'm 20 years old and there are some things that everyone should know about me before reading my posts, in order to give context/meaning to the blogs that I will be writing in the future. I live on the Sunshine Coast, and yes, I do enjoy the beach, however... Continue Reading →

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