My Review of Coco

Leading Up To Watching It

The build-up for me watching Coco began while it was in the cinemas. I kept begging my wife to go and see it with me, particularly because Disney is our thing. Then when I saw it was getting good reviews, my begging only became more persistent, and more annoying. Yet, I was only able to see it for the first time (with my wife) a week or two after being released on DVD. I must say I was not let down, even with my anticipation as high as it was.


On a surface level, the storyline was simple and elegant, and yet profoundly deep. A young boy, Miguel, is on the search for a way to get home, by trying to find what is believed to be his pop star father. In a deeper sense, it shows the difference in culture; the importance of family and the impact music can have on people.

The message of the movie

The message of the movie was beautiful and sad at the same time. Hidden deep in the movie is the message that one day we will be forgotten. There’s a moment in the movie, when a minor character passes, due to being forgotten, and the movie really tugs on the strings of your heart, because there is a sense of loss for the character, and also the reality of that moment, passing you by. There were so many heart-warming family moments, that as an adult make you reflect on the days when you were a child, when your mum, dad, brothers and sisters, really were the main influences in your life. When you dared to dream as big as Miguel did.


Personally, I love Disney soundtracks as it is, and this one certainly did not let me down. I bargained with myself some years ago, that with every iTunes card I buy, I have to buy at least one Disney soundtrack song with it. From this soundtrack, so far, I have bought Un Poco Loco and Proud Corazon. It was in the scene of Un Poco Loco that my love for the movie kicked in. As Miguel sings the song, his confidence grows, along with my love for the movie, and the song. I couldn’t talk about this soundtrack without talking about Remember Me, that special tear-jerking moment (yes, I cried) when he sings this song to his grandmother, that was pure Disney magic, and I was hooked on this movie.

Animation and Magic of Disney

The animation in this movie was phenomenal. That ‘Wow’ moment really hit me when he walks over the bridge of orange flowers, they were so bright, that I couldn’t help but think, Disney, you’ve done it again. The creativity in working the buildings to look like skulls and the different fluorescent colours of the breath of the bird creature (I can’t remember it’s actual name). Truly, this had the Magic of Disney, animated all over it.

Coco Bridge

Having those Sad Moments

Every good Disney movie needs a sad moment. Beauty and Beast has it when the beast dies, Inside Out has it when the pink elephant vanishes, and Coco has it towards the end. The storyline, message, soundtrack, animation, and sad moment, combined together, make for yet another Disney masterpiece.


Overall, I would highly recommend watching this movie. My wife (who is also a big Disney fan) was not overly fussed on watching it but now loves the movie. I don’t know what rating to give this movie, but my first thought is probably a 9/10. Let me know your thoughts and rating of the movie of Coco in the comments below.

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