So, as you may have noticed, I write about a whole heap of random stuff on my blog. Today’s blog will be of no exception. Me and my best mate Ben (aka Penglazed), have always wanted to participate in some sort of gaming tournament, not necessarily big, just an official online tournament. First we wanted to do it with Overwatch (we both played a fair amount of hours on that). Please no hate, but we realised that wouldn’t be possible as PC is the main domain (see what I did there) on which it is used, and we are both PS4 players from Australia (although Penglazed does play PC sometimes).

Rocket league

When we noticed that it was a possibility to do a Rocket League tournament, while playing PS4, we thought that is the direction we should follow, so probably about 8 months later, we have finally entered our first Go4 cup on June 11th (or whatever the Sunday is), which is exciting but we still need to find a third player. We are both getting pretty over excited.

Stay tuned and click the like and follow button to see how we go.

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