3 Simple Tools to Help You Study Better

IMG_0192I don’t know what it is, but I, and a vast amount of my friends seem to struggle to motivate ourselves to study. Here are some tips that I hope help you to enjoy study, and perhaps encourage to get off your lazy, procrastinating bum and go and do some study.

Tip #1 – Find/make a good study playlist

I don’t know about you, but I cannot study without listening to music, and I find it quietens my mind and allows me to focus on the task at hand. Obviously everyone is different in their music selection. I personally study better with relaxing/chill music. I use to listen to music with words but now it is usually an instrumental playlist. At the moment I love cello/violin playlists. However, I do also enjoy chillstep music as well. I prefer no words because sometimes I get caught up in the words of a song rather than focusing on the study itself. So… find some good study music. There are plenty on YouTube and Spotify if you can’t be bothered to make one.

Tip #2 – Have a good work to rest ratio

I don’t usually stick to this, but a healthy ratio would be 45 minutes study and 15 minutes rest. I often just study until I’ve had enough, but the problem with that is, I may study for about 2 hours, but I usually won’t return to studying for the rest of the day, because I wore my brain out. When you are on your break do something that completely takes your mind off study, go for a walk outside, watch an episode of a TV show, or read a chapter of a book that doesn’t relate to the study topic. Find a ratio that works for you!!

Tip #3 – Plan to study

What I mean by this is I often plan out everything else I’m doing in my day, but forget to pencil studying into my schedule. Maybe break it up between night and morning, or smash it all out in the morning, or whatever time of day works for you. Whatever happens, plan for it to be apart of your day. Because if you schedule it in, then you can’t use the excuse that you were too busy to study, because you purposely allowed time to do it that day.

I’m sure there are many other great tips; these are just a few I have found handy over the last couple years. I hope they can help, and let me know how they have worked for you or what other tips you find helpful. Good luck!

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