So as of this morning I embarked on my journey for growing my vocabulary. I am beginning to do a ‘word of the day’, where I will write down the word, it’s meaning, and then attempt to use that word throughout the day. Today’s word was ‘sophistry’. Which according to my app on my phone means: “a subtle, tricky, superficially plausible, but generally fallacious method of reasoning”.

This got me thinking where ‘sophistry’ may be used. I pondered for a while and it wasn’t until it was nearly time for ‘lights out’ that it came to me. So here I am writing about it. Sophistry occurs most in my life when people ‘cherry pick’ Bible verses, let me extrapolate. Many Christian’s will quote Leviticus when referring to why homosexuality is bad (Lev 18:22), and yet what they fail to mention, is that all sin is an abomination to the Lord. So they are using a fact to present an argument that seems to elevate the sin of homosexuality above other sins, which is false. Or perhaps saying that the Bible talks about incest therefore God must approve of incest, which of course as Christians we know isn’t true. They are using a fact, that is, that incest is talked about in the Bible, to make a false argument.

Let me urge you to not participate in the act of sophistry, for I know I have done it before, and I’m sure we all have. Let us use facts to deliver a truthful argument.

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